As a writer for Outdoor Prolink and their Dirtbag Dreams blog, I get to cover topics that are interesting to me and helpful to readers.

Why We Need More Female Climbing Mentors

Early on when climbing with men, I aspired to climb with them, but to achieve their level of strength or boldness just seemed completely out of reach. It wasn’t until I saw first hand what female competence in climbing looked like, that I felt like it could apply to me as well.

Best New Gear From Outdoor Retailer

The Best New Climbing Gear From Outdoor Retailer

Last week was Outdoor Retailer’s summer market! The summer market is focused on rock climbing, so I wandered the halls looking for the coolest new climbing gear. This is what I found.

Two Towers, Two Weddings, To Unforgettable Dirtbag Days

These two dirtbag weddings, although roughly 12 months apart, carried the spirit of the dirtbag lifestyle and culture. They were similar in the fact that they joined two wonderful people in love, they were both celebrated in spectacular ways, and have created two dream team partnerships that anyone would be jealous of.



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