As a writer, it’s important to have a creative outlet for my work. My blog is a reflection of my time on the road, and moments that were particularly impactful.

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The Triple Crown

Matthes Crest is a mile and a half long fin of rock that juts out of the earth like the spine of a sleeping, long buried dragon. It looks almost sinister in the distance. A wall of impenetrable granite with only one cleft down the middle, an ominous gateway.

Break Up With Your Boyfriend, Move Into Your Van

In my experience, building yourself a cage doesn’t happen all at once. It happens slowly. Piece by piece.

Leaning Tower - Day 1

I'm held on one side by everything that makes life worth living; food, water, human connection, chocolate. And on the other side I'm reaching out, just barely touching the emptiness of space. The terrible nothingness of the edge of a cliff.  

This middle place, between life and the tip of the void, is where exhaustion finally overtakes me and I succumb to the blackness of sleep.